Quiet Quitting

Does the words Quiet Quitting is meant quitting the job!  No, it does not mean quitting the job but not doing 3 or 4 jobs for same pay in the company. Reason for the famous of the word quiet quitting is Zaid Khan, a digital content creator from New York posted a video in Tik Tok about quiet quitting in July which has been viewed and shared thousands of times.

Quiet quitting is not only includes working more for same pay but saying “NO” to take additional responsibilities at work and not doing any official work after office hours and or on vacation.

Bad Boss is also Other reason for Quiet quitting. According to data published in Harvard Business Review that least effective managers had three to four times employees who were quit quitting as compared to effective ones.

Not everyone agrees with idea quiet quitting.  Some feels that quiet quitting is loss for employer who follows it.

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